Wish List / Hard Sells

The following is an ever-changing wish list and list of hard sells written by JW Stebner, editor in chief of Hexagon SF Magazine. This is not meant to discourage writers, but to give more guidance beyond our standard guidelines. Examples have been included on the wish list to help demonstrate the items.

Wish List

-Climate Fiction (ex: The Annual Migration of Clouds, Undersea Lightning)

-First Nations, Métis, and Inuit speculative fiction (ex: The Marrow Thieves, The Björkan Sagas)

-Technoir (ex: Terminator, Blade Runner, Samson Opens His Eye)

-Modern Mythology/Neo-Mythology (ex: American Gods)

-Nature’s revenge (ex: The Last Trophy of Hunter Hammerson)

-Ancient Dinosaurs/Kaiju (ex: Jurassic Park, Godzilla)

-Vivid settings (ex: The Haunting of Tram Car 015, Memories Taste Best When Marinated with Sadness)

-Soft fantasy (ex: A Gift, A Witch and a Wakening of Honey, In the Book Grove)

-Experimental narrative formats (ex: Charmed Honeycake, Two Condition Reports From the Museum of Mythologic Science and Paranatural History)

Hard Sells

-Stories with suicide endings

-Gratuitous violence, including towards animals

-Time travel stories where the protagonist travels to the past to correct a mistake

-Stories that seem as though they are setting up a sequel or have too many loose ends