Our incredible contributors have been published in other venues including Asimov’s SF, Strange Horizons, Metaphorosis, Abyss & Apex, Daily Science Fiction, Analog and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, among others. Their work has also been transformed into podcasts by PseudoPod, PodCastle, Escape Pod, The Overcast, and more!

Issue 3

Winter 2020

Disha Bisht

Disha is a Kumaoni writer whose journey so far has been a dull rendition of some prime-time opera about following one’s dreams. After braving the turbulent waters of Political Science and wading through the quicksand of Law, she’s finally found herself in an oasis that offers her the many wonders of writing. She spends her days in Gurugram penning tales and obsessing over ideas for secondary worlds. Her fiction has appeared in Spark.

Joshua Green

Joshua Green is a husband, father, and speculative fiction writer with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies. When not reading, writing, gaming, or chasing his two children around, you can find him outdoors disc golfing. For more information on previous and upcoming publications you can find him on Twitter at @byjoshuagreen.

Vanessa Fogg

Vanessa Fogg dreams of selkies, dragons, and gritty cyberpunk futures from her home in western Michigan. She spent years as a research scientist in molecular cell biology and now works as a freelance medical writer. Her fiction has appeared in Liminal StoriesDaily Science FictionGigaNotoSaurusThe Future Fire, and Neil Clarke’s The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 4. A complete bibliography and more can be found at her website Vanessa is fueled by green tea.

Archita Mittra

Archita Mittra is a 23-year-old writer and artist, with a fondness for dark and fantastical things. She completed her B.A. (2018) and M.A. (2020) in English Literature from Jadavpur University and a Diploma in Multimedia and Animation (2016) from St. Xavier’s College. She is also a graduate of the Foundry Photo-Journalism Workshop (2018) and a participant in the Clarion West Write-A-Thon (2020). Her work has been featured in Strange Horizons, Mithila Review, Interstellar Flight Magazine, and ScreenRant, among others. She lives in Kolkata, India, with her family and rabbits and may be found playing indie games, making jewelry out of recycled material or baking cakes. Say hi to her on Twitter or Instagram or check out her blog:

Ioanna Papadopoulou

Ioanna Papadopoulou is a Greek author, currently residing in Glasgow. She studied Art History and Heritage Visualization and has worked in museums, libraries, and community centres. She is currently working at the University of Glasgow and is on a Museum studies postgraduate programme. She has stories forthcoming in Idle Ink and From the Farther Trees.

Issue 2

Fall 2020

We are proud to feature the following authors in the Fall 2020 issue of Hexagon SF Magazine. For an interview with Issue 2’s featured author, L Chan, click HERE.

L Chan

L Chan hails from Singapore. He spends most of his time wrangling a team of two dogs, Mr Luka and Mr Telly. His work has appeared in places like Translunar Travellers LoungePodcastle and The Dark. He tweets occasionally @lchanwrites. 

Deborah L. Davitt

Deborah L. Davitt was raised in Nevada, but currently lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and son. Her poetry has received Rhysling, Dwarf Star, and Pushcart nominations and has appeared in over fifty journals, including F&SF and Asimov’s Science Fiction. Her short fiction has appeared in Galaxy’s Edge and Flame Tree anthologies. For more about her work, including her Edda-Earth novels and her poetry collection, The Gates of Never, please visit

C. M. Fields

C. M. Fields is a non-binary astrophysicist and writer of horror and science fiction. They live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with their beloved cactus, Borne, and spend their days studying the climates of other worlds. Fields’ work can be found in Vulture BonesLovecraftianaSelene Quarterly Magazine, and more.

Feng Gooi

Feng Gooi was born and raised in the sunny tropical island of Penang, Malaysia but is currently in snowy Buffalo, New York studying for his Masters in Mental Health Counseling. He enjoys staring out the window while eating Doritos and is an easy prey for salesmen of all sorts. His work has been published in Teleport Magazine, Shoreline of Infinity and Alchemy.

Taylor Rae

Taylor Rae is a recently-reformed mountain troll who is trying out city living. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in psychology and English literature from the University of Idaho. Her writing can be found at /r/shoringupfragments.

Issue 1

Summer 2020

We are proud to feature the following authors in the Summer 2020 issue of Hexagon SF Magazine. Click HERE to read an interview with Evan Marcroft, author of Issue 1’s feature story, “Samson Opens His Eye.”

John Grey

John Grey is an Australian poet and US resident. Recently published in Hawaii Pacific ReviewDalhousie Review, and Qwerty with upcoming work in Blueline, Willard and Maple, and Steam Ticket.

Michael M. Jones

Michael M. Jones lives in southwest Virginia with too many books, just enough cats, and a wife who means the stars to him. His stories have appeared in places such as Constellary TalesRobot Dinosaurs! and Mad Scientist Magazine. He has also edited several anthologies, including Scheherazade’s Facade and Schoolbooks & Sorcery. For more information, visit

Evan Marcroft

Evan Marcroft is a speculative fiction writer from Sacramento, California, currently residing in Chicago with his wife, where he uses his degree in literary theory to do menial data entry. He hopes to one day write for video games, but will settle for literature instead. His works have appeared in such publications as PseudopodStrange Horizons, and Asimov’s Science Fiction. For more information, you can find him on Twitter at @Evan_Marcroft, or you can visit

Nicholas C. Smith

Nicholas C. Smith is a short story writer from England who enjoys writing character-driven science fiction. He is currently working on his first collection of short stories due for release at the end of the year.

M. C. Tuggle

M. C. Tuggle is a writer living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina. His fantasy, science fiction, and literary short stories have been featured in several publications, including Unbound, Space Squid, and Metaphorosis. In summer 2020, Mystery Weekly Magazine will publish his first mystery story. For more information, visit