2022 Awards Eligibility

Here is a complete list of the pieces that we published in 2022 that are eligible for awards.

Hexagon is eligible for the 2023 Best Related Work Aurora Award.

Hexagon is eligible for the 2023 Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine.

All poetry is eligible for the Best Short Poem Rhysling Award.

JW Stebner is eligible for the 2023 Hugo Award for Best Editor (Short Form).


Subaqueous Faeryland – Avra Margariti (23 lines)

Option One – Pedro Iniguez (43 lines)

Flash Fiction (>1,000 words)

Build-a-Pet – Mary E. Lowd

How to Creatively Host Cheese Parties During and After the Apocalypse – Beth Cato

Queenmaker Dandelion Stew – dave ring

Short Stories (1,000-7,500 words)

In the Book Grove – Carol Scheina

Two Condition Reports From the Museum of Mythologic Science and Paranatural History – Gabrielle Bleu

Jackadee – Anna Martino (Pushcart Prize Nominated)

Fragments of Faerie Magic – Hannah Hulbert

To the Dark Side of the Moon – Grace Chan

Working Overtime at the Kludge Factory – Andrew Kozma

Dogor – Evan Marcroft (Pushcart Prize Nominated)

The En Croute Job – Brian Hugenbruch

Come In, Children – Ai Jiang (Pushcart Prize Nominated)

My Mother’s Love – Naomi Eselojor (Pushcart Prize Nominated)

Seller’s Remorse – Rick Danforth (BSFA Finalist)

The Cold Things We Left – Jem Fisher

The Mages of Byker – Kym Deyn (Pushcart Prize Nominated)

The Spores of Darkness – Remi Martin (Pushcart Prize Nominated)

Verðandi of the Present – Liv Strom

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