2021 Awards Eligibility

Here is a complete list of the pieces that we published in 2021 that are eligible for awards.

Hexagon is eligible for the 2022 Best Related Work Aurora Award.

Hexagon is eligible for the 2022 Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine.

All poetry is eligible for the Best Short Poem Rhysling Award.

JW Stebner is eligible for the 2022 Hugo Award for Best Editor (Short Form).


Serpentine – Rebecca Fraser (12 lines)

Always Finds a Way – Sadie Maskery (15 lines)

Chrysalis of Justice – Christopher Collingwood (50 lines)

Flash Fiction (>1,000 words)

Roll the Bones – Michael M. Jones

I Grow – Addison Smith

Short Stories (1,000-7,500 words)

A Gift, a Witch and a Wakening of Honey – Elou Carroll

How Do You Grow? – Jennifer R. Donohue

Our Nomadic Forest – J. S. Alexander

Wings of Light – Anna Madden

Dust of Red – Emily Blue

Shadow of the Ziggurat – Isobel Mackenzie

A Daughter’s Aim – Anna Madden

La Relique – Alex Evans

Vultures on the Ground – V. R. Collins

Born Unto Trouble – K. A. Sutherland

Raised Bed – Noah Codega

Thorns – Vera Hadzic

The Hole in the System – E. C. Fuller

Your Body Is a Doorway – L Chan

Undersea Lightning – Uchechukwu Nwaka

Akela – Dom Cunningham

Epicenter – Jennifer Lee Rossman

Cephalopod Heart – Lis Vilas Boas

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